Here you will find a comprehensive collection of information related to facts about the nutritional value of all types of food.


More often than not the one thing that we don't give it its due attention is the nutrition or the notional value of the food we eat. You probably eat when you are hungry, happy, sad, bored or idle. However, the important question is do you eat right? Eating the right kind of food to obtain the right amount of nutrition is what really matters and is the key to a good living and a healthy lifestyle. After all, you wouldn't really like to be bogged down by weak teeth, dull skin, excessive fat, and anemia. Being in poor shape and unfit could be a great hindrance for your daily activities. It is the nutrient intake that accounts for about 80% percent of your health, leaving the remaining to your genetics and gym. So you can control 80% of your health by just feeding the body with the right kind of food. Be careful and stay away from those custard filled glazed donuts for breakfast and don't make that pizza with extra cheese and a stuffed crust your dinner every day. A perfect amalgam of proteins, to help repair your body; carbohydrates and fats, for the energy you need; calcium, for strong teeth and bones and vitamins and minerals can lead to a good balanced diet. So consuming the right meals everyday should be a priority. Don't just feed the taste buds; feed your body and enjoy good health.

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