If you are looking for information on the facts related to the nutritional value of Dairy, then you will find it here.


Dairy products are milk-based products like cheese, butter, creams, yoghurts, sour cream, just to name a few. They are versatile kitchen ingredients that accounts for the most part of nutritional content in our food. Yes, that is how important dairy products are and our daily lives revolve around it. These milk-based products are high energy yielding foods that are vital sources of calcium and vitamin D. They help keep the bones strong and prevent blood pressure levels from mounting high. Cereal with chilled milk, the constant milk-tea breaks, lining the food with different kinds of cheese, preparing the dips with a yoghurt base and the ice creams for the sweet tooth - that is how integral milk and its products are to our lives. Especially the Indian cuisine cannot do without the chunks of paneer (cottage cheese), milk-based sweets and excessive use of butter and ghee. As much as these milk products are healthy and add to the taste of your food, they contain large amounts of saturated fats and can be highly damaging to your health. Too much of it can topple the cholesterol levels and add empty calories to your daily diet. But then, you always have the option of shifting to fat free dairies, all for no loss!