If you are looking for information on the facts related to the nutritional value of Meat, then you will find it here.


"Where's the meat?" This is the first reaction of a meat lover at a dinner table. Poultry, which includes eggs, chicken and other domestic birds and meat like mutton, beef and all other forms, are every non-vegetarian food lover's ultimate delight. No vegetables can be as gratifying to the ticker and taste buds as poultry and meat. Meat - roasted, fried, or grilled and eggs - fried, scrambled or poached can make for ideal health treat. It's not just about the taste, well not completely, as the nutrients poultry and meat have to offer are exceptional and essential for a strong and fit body. They are valuable sources of protein and many other nutrients like B Vitamins and Omega 3. However, meat and poultry should not be overdone as they carry toxins and can be sources of unhealthy fat and cholesterol. If health is a major concern, it's always better to choose the parts of the meat that are leaner and low in fat. Combining lean meat with the right seasoning would mean you don't have to compromise on either the taste or the nutrients. A daily dose of the right proportions of the poultry and meat means an easy source of protein and energy.