If you are looking for information on the facts related to the nutritional value of Sweeteners, then you will find it here.


Compromising on the sweet tooth is one of the most difficult tasks for many. It seems easier to give up on the regular food than sweets. Many need that bout of saccharine just to feel alive. However, the bad hype around sugar doesn't mean that you forgo your favorite sweet. You just have to stay away from the sugar and opt for natural sweeteners instead. Sugar can be detrimental to health as it can contribute to obesity and diabetes. The option of natural sweeteners like blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, honey, cane juice is widely available and you can consume this in moderation to make the food more palatable. Many dieticians and nutrition experts have emphasized the importance of natural sweeteners. The use of honey by athletes to enhance the performance in ancient Olympic Games has often been cited. Not only do these natural sweeteners have high-energy food content, they provide important nutrients and help prevent tooth decay as well. Yet as with any other food, the natural sweeteners too have to be used in moderation. Too much of it can lead to obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and, eventually, diabetes. However, with this option of natural sweeteners, you can still be easy on yourself and beat the cravings. Go ahead, suit your sweet tooth, and supply yourself with more nutrition. Just corner the highly refined table sugar!